April 7, 2016/ by rakesh ghosh

Nowadays, social media in real estate is no longer a marketing method that can be ignored without paying a big price. The real-estate industry, a late adopter, has learned this the hard-way, when forced to find innovative ways to overcome the real-estate crisis.

The main social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Pinterest) gather such a huge audience that you can target any demographics you may need. Basically, if you can’t find your clients on social media platforms, you won’t find them anywhere else.

How social media can help your real-estate marketing

So here’s how social media can help your business, if you’re an agent, broker or real-estate company:

1. Attract more buyers and sellers

Obviously, this is the main goal of real-estate professionals and this is exactly where social media will help you a great deal. But, in order for you to attract sellers who want to list their properties and buyers who want to purchase them, you must build an online presence.

Creating accounts and setting-up pages on the social media channels where you find your audience is the first step. Then you must create an appropriate content strategy, which means tailoring your content in order to be informative, relevant and useful for your targeted audience.

An important tip to keep in mind: be as transparent as possible when communicating online with your public in order to convert them into buyers or sellers. Successful real-estate agencies also try to be available online for their clients, some of them going as far as developing their own mobile apps. With such an application, their clients are always able to find nearby homes for sale or rent.

2. Share your listings and video tours

In today’s market, once people identify a need, they go online to start their search. This happens especially in real-estate. The decision to purchase a certain home and not the other is always emotional. For real-estate pros, that means you have to be quick to offer your prospects the chance to “fall in love” with what you have to offer or one of your competitors will soon do it. That’s where having a strong social media presence could represent the edge you need over your competition, giving you the opportunity to use as many visual tools as possible.

After you’ve invested in professional real estate photography and video services, be sure to share the results on every channel your company is present on. Full-motion real-estate video tours are a great way to market your properties and to make an impact on your bottom lines, especially since you can integrate them into your website and Youtube channel.

It’s a well-known fact that people love to see videos and photos on social media. In real-estate, these tools help you capture their imagination while offering them the data they need to make an informed decision.

3. Become an industry leader

Always show your audience that you’re the real-estate expert. Social media is a great way of doing it. Offer your online audience real expert advice and come-up with insightful perspectives and, through consistency, you will establish you or your company as a leader in your field.

Try to promote yourself and your business online while keeping in mind to educate your prospective buyers, always offering them your knowledgeable input. This way, they will come back  to you if/when they’ll feel ready to make a purchase. This type of interaction on social media networks and forums will build your reputation, increase your brand awareness and build trust and loyalty.

4. Connect with other Real Estate peers

Being successful in marketing your real-estate business also means you have to always know what’s going on in your field. The online environment through networks like Meetup, Flickr, Linkedin, offers you the opportunity to interact with other real-estate professionals, create communities and eventually learn from one another. Exchanging ideas with your peers, learning more about their constraints and finding out about new trends will only help you be the successful real-estate leader your clients need.