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    Understanding Google’s semantic search

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    Google is the world’s biggest and most popular search engine. Semantics is the study of language and symbols and is more commonly referred to when considering sentence structure. This relates to how words are strung together and more importantly, which words are chosen and why they matter with regards to the meaning of the sentence….

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    Business Internet Marketing: Site Design Developments 2013

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    Depending on who you join under (who your teacher is) could play a role in how successful you will be and what extras you will receive form substance LGN Revolution presents. It wont have anything regarding the ammount of money possible to be made directly because the system that LGN Revolution provides could be the…

  • An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: How to Start

    An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: How to Start

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    Lots of people feel as if they have to try affiliate advertising. This is mainly because for most of us the race to the top of the search engine results is a race that cannot be run. There are plenty of people who try it because they are told it is cheap and they are…

  • 7 Best Hidden Features Of Windows 8
    Operating System

    7 Best Hidden Features Of Windows 8

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    Windows 8 is well known for its mobile abilities. Microsoft has really put a lot of effort into making their Windows operating system work on a mobile device more intuitively and efficiently. But, we should not forget the fact that it is also a desktop operating system and is still the most popular desktop operating…

  • Tech In Medicine: What Machines Are Changing Our Health?

    Tech In Medicine: What Machines Are Changing Our Health?

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    You’ve likely heard this phrase many times before, but these times are some of the most exciting to live in and experience. Forget for a moment about breaking the bonds of gravity and trying to land a man on Mars. Turn your attention back to our own glowing blue-green sphere, and feel a sense of…

  • Technology Majors: How Students are Contributing to Today's Advancements

    Technology Majors: How Students are Contributing to Today’s Advancements

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    In today’s complex world, there are perhaps no college majors more important than those in technology. From information systems to engineering, many of these majors are making significant contributions to today’s advancements and in the job market. Whether it’s an innovative piece of medical equipment, or finding a safer way to construct an office building…

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    Latest Blackberry Q5 Smartphone Best Features Review


    After having been facing a tough time in the mobile phone market, mobile giant blackberry has added yet another feather in its success cap that seems to be named as BlackBerry Q5. The ongoing Q-series of Smartphones might prove to be a stone turning take from the company and it might help the company’s banner…

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    Q&A: What Does Your SIM Card Do For You?

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    A subscriber identity module (SIM) card is a small chip that fits into some types of cell phones. Phones that rely on a SIM card will not function without one. A SIM card sends critical information to carriers that will allow a person to use the service. SIM cards also provide a number of other…